Jingsh-ABABU Advocates Approved
Update Time:Thursday, May 25, 2023 9:17:55 PM Browse volume:0

On December 15, the Kenya Ministry of Justice officially approves Jingsh -ABABU Advocates' establishment. As an independent legal service institution registered in Kenya, the predecessor of Jingsh Kenya is the former practice law firm of Ababu, Kenya's deputy foreign minister. Moreover, the lawyers assigned by Jingsh Africa and Kenyan lawyers jointly operate Jingsh Kenya. They cooperate with Jingsh African offices and other Jingsh overseas offices, providing quality legal services to global clients.

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Jingsh Africa, jointly established by the China General Chamber of Commerce in Kenya, Jingsh Beijing Headquarters, and Jingsh Shanghai International Headquarters, is committed to building the "Jingsh Africa" brand, as well as Jingsh legal service network and Jingsh overseas offices in Africa. In terms of brand development and business, Jingsh Kenya is managed and guided by Jingsh Beijing and Jingsh Shanghai. Besides, it will coordinate more than 4,500 Jingsh lawyers to handle cases.

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Jingsh Africa now has two offices in Kenya and Cameroon, besides, the offices in Tanzania, Nigeria, and Uganda are under preparation. In the future, it will set up more than 20 offices under the help of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Africa.