Jingsh&ERGO Multi-Family Office Established
Update Time:Saturday, May 8, 2021 10:14:03 AM Browse volume:0

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Jingsh Law Firm Suzhou Office and ERGO jointly organized the Jingsh&ERGO Multi-Family Office, creating the first family office for law firms and insurance companies in Suzhou. The office aims to realize the wealth protection and inheritance of high-net-worth clients through wealth planning, legal planning, and tax planning.

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The Vice-general Manager of ERGO, Liu Xu and Zhang Fengkun, the Executive Director of Jingsh Suzhou Office, attended the event and delivered speeches. Director Zhang pointed out that wealth accumulation depends on IQ, EQ, and financial intelligence. However, a legal thinking is helpful for better holding the wealth.

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Law Quotient is one's awareness and awe of the law. Like IQ, EQ, and financial quotient, it is a person's intelligence quotient. Wealth management, including value-added, preservation, risk prevention&control, inheritance, family security, and tax planning, requires the top-level design of the law to ensure the safe and controllable inheritance of wealth.

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