Extensive professional knowledge, exquisite specialized skills, prolific practical experience and assiduous career ethic is what forms Jing Shi’s unique legal team. We have gathered lawyers and legal experts from famous universities and research entities both from home and abroad, many of whom have obtained legum magister or juris doctor degrees in China, the United States of America, The United Kingdom and Germany. Additionally, more than half of our experts have professional backgrounds in science and technology, medical science, computer technology, international trade and financial investment..So far Jingshi’s expertise has covered practices in over 20 business fields, with 118 professional legal teams headed by experienced partners of the Law Firm.

Establishing branches in China’s well-developed cities and regions is also a crucial strategic step following the current political and economic situation in China while meeting the increasing needs of our clients. Now, Jing Shi has 30 offices in key cities throughout China. Additionally, we have established extensive relationships with local enterprises and state authorities as well as alliances with over 100 law firms in China.

From embracing foreign-funded enterprises, investing in foreign countries to proactively implementing the Belt and Road Initiative, Chinese enterprises have never stopped. To better adapt to the globalization trend, Jingshi has been engaging itself in actively building overseas legal service platforms, attracting and cultivating international lawyers and enhancing its capability in providing legal services to overseas clients. Now Jingshi has built cooperation with over 60 alliance law firms and overseas liason offices in nearly 50 countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Greece and Canada. Overseas branches in New York city, Washington, London, Sydney and Warsaw will be in operation soon.

Our Story

In 1994, Jingshi Law Firm was formed on the campus of Beijing Normal University in Beijing, the capital city of China. At that time, the policy of establishing partnership law firms was just initiated by the Ministry of Justice and strengthening the rule of law was also taken as an important development strategy of China. Huang Zhenzhong, the Honorary life director as well as co-founder of Jing Shi Law Firm, who had been doing legal research for over a decade built this law firm with some of his colleagues in college , thought they should do something to change the status quo of this industry and help push forward the process of promoting the rule of law in China.” Early since its establishment, Jingshi took advantage of academic resources in universities and emphasized on talents cultivation and inheriting experience.As a response to the country’s economic development and increased client needs, at the beginning of 2013, Jingshi began introducing various partners and moved its office to Jingshi Law Firm Building in Beijing Guomao CBD area Jngshi Law Firm Building is the only building that is named after a law firm in Beijing. This relocation is a reflection of increased scale,improved strength and upgraded brand. From then on Jingshi embarked on a leapfrog development path.

  • Global Insight

    Our firm prides itself on its international-focus as well as its team of lawyers who have studied and worked abroad bringing with them an understanding different cultural backgrounds and legal systems. Jing Shi is also able to provide services in Chinese, English, Korean, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, and German.

  • Cross-functional Collaboration

    Jing Shi’s most notable features are teamwork and cooperation. Our lawyers come from a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences which allows them to build diverse teams within the firm. Our experts have the opportunity to combine their knowledge and experience in the fields of law, economics, technology, accounting, medicine, and so on thereby creating optimal solutions for our clients’ problems.

  • Dedication to Clients

    Jing Shi is deeply aware of the importance of ethical standards, and never accepts instructions that are contrary to a lawyer’s professional ethical standards. Jing Shi ensures that trade secrets and other sensitive information are held strictly confidential, that our professionals uphold the duty of loyalty to clients, and that our firm will fully disclose liabilities in order to defend our clients’ interests.

  • International Network

    As a firm with many international clients and constant involvement in cross-border transactions, we have established close relationships with top law firms and other professional service companies in international financial centers and major cities around the world including New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. In cross-border transactions, we provide our clients with the most reliable legal services, taking advantage of our international network.

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